Passport Application Process

The passport application process can be confusing and overwhelming. We are here to help simplify that process. Select a passport type from below to find the required forms, fees, steps, and processing times required to secure the passport.

New Passport

Learn how to apply for your first adult passport Age 16 and older.

Passport Renewal

Learn how to renew your adult passport (16+ and older).

Children Passports

Learn how to apply for a child passport (15 and younger).

Lost/Stolen Passport

Learn how to replace your lost or stolen passport.

Add Pages

Learn how to add more visa pages to your passport.

Second Passport

Learn how to apply for a second duplicate passport.

Name Change Passport

Learn how to apply for your passport name change.

Passport Card Only

Learn how to apply for your passport card.

Travel Insurance

Learn how to find and choose the right travel insurance.

Securing your U.S. Passport doesn’t have to be a complicated task. When you’re armed with the knowledge, forms, fees, and know the passport application process, you can get your passport with ease. Routine passport service is provided by your local acceptance agent. There are over 8000 acceptance agents nationwide. They are usually located at the post office. You can also request expedited service through a Regional Passport Agency or a private expediting company.  The Regional Passport Agency is by appointment only and can be found in many major cities. A private expediting company is registered with the U.S. Department of State. They can secure your passport quickly as well. If you need your passport fast, we can help. To find out if you qualify for expedited passport service, use our Passport Flow Chart. Don’t let the passport application process confuse you. We will help you get your passport fast! Guaranteed.


September 24, 2014